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This is a  wonderful local source for native plants. The website has many excellent photos of California native plants. Check out the interesting and informative Grand Bluffs Forest restoration project photos while you're there.

"Intermountain Nursery has operated in the Central California Sierra foothills since 1980 when Raymond Laclergue purchased a small bedding plant nursery in Prather, California. Operating on about 5 acres, the nursery has evolved through the years to become the only grower of California Native Plants in the Central Valley area. There are over ten demonstration gardens on the grounds with a self guided tour highlighting native plants and other drought tolerant plants which are appropriate for growing in a Mediterranean climate. Nursery staff is now growing all our own bedding plants and container stock except some shade and fruit trees. We are committed to providing plants that are grown in a sustainable way without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Located along Little Sandy and Big Sandy Creeks at 1700' elevation, the site has deep alluvial soils and cool night temperatures that provide a perfect location to grow plants that will become established at various locations, from the Valley floor to 10,000 ft. elevation.
We are located 30 miles Northeast of Fresno, California on State Highway #168 on the way to Shaver and Huntington Lakes."

--- from the Intermountain Nursery website :

Everything you ever wanted to know about native plant landscaping and much much more! 

This site includes an extensive native plant list with pictures and descriptions, an amazingly informative Manual of California Native Plants, "how to" pages about subjects such as attracting birds or butterflies or dealing with fire danger or deer, plus a monthly pictorial "walk through the garden", and as I said much, much more! 

In their words:

"This web site was developed from our catalog into 2600 pages of pictures and information. Chapters include descriptive and/or "How to design" information about landscaping, gardening with hummingbirds, wildlife, butterflies, and birds, ecology, restoration, and California native plants and their uses. We've tried to help the folks that are putting life back into their garden, and as it usually turns out, their own life. Small gardens can still be a niche for one bird or a handful of desirable insects, larger gardens can be bigger than most of the 'restorations' in your county and support a full spectrum of wildlife."   

- from the Las Pilitas Nursery website :

Saving Natural Lands, Now and Forever

 "The grasslands, foothills, and forests between Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks provide land for farms and ranches, a home for native plants  and wildlife, and a source of clean water.  The Sierra Foothill Conservancy honors our natural and cultural heritage by protecting these resources and ensuring that present and future generations will continue to experience and enjoy the land in this region."


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