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Why Grow Natives?
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Beautiful Natural Gardens by Good Earth

Plant Communities

    We like to think of our landscapes in terms of natural plant communities, which are culturally and aesthetically compatible. Plants which exist together in nature or are from similar environments will live in a symbiotic relationship. This means that they help each other survive and resist disease, share moisture and nutrients, and control non-native weeds. This is done mainly through naturally occurring mycorrhizae, or root fungi, which attach to the roots of plants in a community, tying them together and stabilizing the plants and the soil. Plant communities are selected based on the conditions of your site, which makes for a naturally beautiful and easy to maintain landscape.

Appropriate Plantings  

      We will select plants which are appropriate for your area and find attractive solutions to any drainage, erosion or slope stabilization problems you may have. For instance, we might turn your runoff problem into an asset with a visually interesting dry creek, or cover your slope with beautiful native grasses. The site is prepared with a minimum of disturbance to the soil, to maintain a healthy underground environment. We often finish with a mulch of chipped wood; an attractive way to keep roots cool and retard weed growth. An irrigation system may be installed to help the plants make the transition from nursery life to “wild life”.

Your Special Interests     

    For those who are interested, we will create an herb garden, develop an orchard, or incorporate edible plants into your new or existing landscape.

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Jujube Tree


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