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Water Gardens by Good Earth

  How would you like to have a delightful, peaceful oasis in your own back yard? Imagine the gentle murmur of a stream and the playful splashing of a waterfall, in concert with the cheerful songs of birds attracted to your natural waterscape. Open your eyes to see water plants with dramatic blooms and foliage. Come closer and view the colorful fish swimming lazily around the rocks and fragrant plants in a pleasant pool below the softly bubbling waterfall. Sit on a warm rock and dangle your feet in the water. 

OK. First there’s work to do. But we can do most of it for you! Good Earth Landscaping has more than three years of experience learning the best methods for creating balanced ecosystems safe for fish and plants, great for attracting wildlife, and very low maintenance for you. 

Biological Filtration

The systems we use include energy efficient pumps and filtration systems with skimmers and filters installed in the ground, so they disappear from view, yet can be easily accessed for service. Pumps move water to create creeks and waterfalls, and help keep your pond clean by powering the filter and by adding life-giving oxygen to the system. The skimmer removes debris before it can accumulate in the bottom of the pond, while the filter biologically purifies the water. Your pond can be maintained naturally using friendly bacteria and enzymes. These organisms initiate the biological cycles of the natural ecosystem and remove pollutants from the water.

Pond & Creek Structure

A pond using a liner as the basic structure can be custom fit to the contours of your property to enhance the beauty of the landscaping. Today’s durable flexible liners provide decades of maintenance free life.

Rocks and gravel make your water garden beautiful and easy to maintain, and protect the liner. They also increase the ponds ability to filter itself and allow plants to grow more rapidly, and the pond looks more natural by avoiding unsightly pots along the shallow edges of the pond. 

Plants and Fish

    Aquatic plants are the easiest plants to care for. Of course you never need to water them, and most plants can thrive with full sun or only two to three hours of sunlight a day. There are hundreds of varieties of tropical or hardy lilies, floating plants, and perennials that thrive in shallow water. Just like the perennials in the rest of your garden, the hardy aquatics will winter over and return larger and prettier year after year.


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